Welcome to my website. I’ve never owned my own site before, so should be an interesting experiment. This site will primarily serve as an outlet for my musings, rants or other comments on pop culture. I may have a thought or two on politics occasionally, but that won’t be the norm here and isn’t my reason for starting this blog.

A few quick things about me. I started writing for the Badger Herald while attending the University of Wisconsin, between September 2007 and April 2009. Have a look at my work for BH here. I essentially learned to write as I went along, and my published work for BH reflects that.

After graduation, I moved on to The Line of Best Fit in March of 2009, a music blog that I continue to write for. You can view my portfolio (in reverse chronological order) by clicking here.

I’ve also written for ZME Music, another music blog. You can view my work there at this link.

Music is what I know best and what I’ve written the most about, so expect more opinions on music than anything else. However, that doesn’t mean I won’t occasionally write about television, film, books or whatever else I have publish-worthy thoughts on.

Anyhow, stop back once in a while for my thoughts on…stuff.