Best Fit album review, vol 9

Soundgarden are set to reissue their recently-remixed debut LP, Ultramega OK, next Friday. I wrote a few words about it and the bonus material that comes with.

The TL;DR version of my review is: Ultramega is simply, well, ok when judged on its own merits. It is best viewed through the prism of being a hint at what would emerge in the ’90s. Oh, and the new mix is fantastic.

Hundred Word Reviews: Japandroids | ‘Near To The Wild Heart Of Life’

record review japandroids near

Japandroids couldn’t rock out more than Celebration, so why try? Within that painted-into-corner view comes the freedom to do whatever they wanted, so they made a fantastic, if slightly over-produced, pop record. Life is also expansive, containing both the band’s longest and shortest songs on an LP to date. Yet it still offers their anthemic nature and sticky melodies. The difference here is the sober analysis in the aftermath Rock’s drunken antics, both musically and lyrically. Both records are fun in their own way: Rock was Friday night with the guys; Life is Sunday on the couch watching football.