Hundred Word Reviews: Weezer | ‘The Teal Album’

weezer teal record review

This is peak hipster nostalgia. Releasing the silly cover of “Africa” on vinyl was bad enough. But now we have this. Just look at the art: They’re wearing cringeworthy ‘80s fashion, like oh-em-gee! Is hipster irony chic a thing? It is now. As for the music, it’s almost entirely a frustrating failure. The band needlessly smears power pop riffage over the originals. Meanwhile, Cuomo’s wooden delivery suggests Teal exists purely because the Toto cover went viral; this is social obligation, not enjoyment. The lone exception is Bell’s vocal on “Paranoid,” the only part of this that’s fun.

Hundred Word Reviews: Deafheaven | ‘Ordinary Corrupt Human Love’

deafheaven new album review

In which the most divisive band in metal makes a record that will be divisive among its defenders. Their least metal offering, OCHL largely augments their blackgaze aesthetic with classic rock and piano balladering. Kerry McCoy wisely opts for sunset-purple watercoloring and arena-ready solos to augment George Clarke’s most impressionistic set of lyrics to date (“I have wondered about the language of flowers/ And you, elaborate mosaic, greeting me”). As a result, it’s (unsurprisingly) expertly paced and Deafheaven’s most emotional release. Is it happy? Rock? Black metal? None of that matters when an album is this fucking beautiful.